Things to Consider When Designing and Buying Uniforms

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Working on a new uniform design? Well, this is fun but a fairly challenging project that you are taking on. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that a perfectly designed uniform can be beneficial to whatever business type it will be used for. As uniforms help develop a sense of business identity and set your brand up as distinguishable.

One of the most important factors when designing a uniform is to think about the way it will impact your team, how will your staff feel when wearing it, and also, how will it be perceived by your potential customers who will see it. We know that it may sound unusual but, ideally, you should imagine it from a bird’s eye view perspective in a sense that you should see how your customers/clients will perceive your new uniforms that will be worn by your employees.

Furthermore, consider your budget and how you can make the most of it to get the best design possible. We’ve listed 5 important points to consider that will have an impact on the look, feel and budget of your new uniforms.

Material Used for Uniforms

The type of material you choose is often overlooked as not important when creating uniforms; however, nothing could be further from the truth because the most important factor is the garments fit on a person and how comfortable it is when worn by your staff.

Since we Aussies live in a climate that is different throughout the entire country, materials you will use for your uniforms will make a huge difference.

For example: if your business is based in Gold Coast Queensland and your employees spend most of the day in an air-conditioned office then you can consider a natural material like cotton which is cool and comfortable for this type of environment.

Another example is that if your work-space is based in Tasmania which usually has colder winters, you could choose wool over cotton, and even consider two different materials both one for winter season and one for the summer season. If your team conducts heavy duty work in Melbourne Victoria, then perhaps opting for polyester which is more water resistant and breathable could be ideal.

Most Australian sports teams uniforms are made of polyester which is the standard material for sportswear, you have many options to choose from such as the many polyester mixed materials like the moisture wicking or the polyester outside layer with 100% cotton inside layer.

School uniforms will vary based on several factors, including location. Two popular types of school uniform materials are nylon or wool. Since school uniforms are bought in bulk, it is wise to consult first before ordering uniforms so that best prices for your school’s budget can be arranged.

Uniform Colours That Match Your Brand

Although it is normally the case that your brand colours can be used for uniforms, sometimes it may be ideal to deviate from using your brand colours for your uniforms. Keeping in mind that not every colour is simple to work with; you will need to consider how to incorporate the colour/s to make the uniforms more attractive. You might choose a single solid colour or use different variations that are within harmony in terms of mixing colours together.

Where to Place Logo’s on Uniforms

It is usually the case that your brand logo is also placed on the uniforms, and there are many ways to accomplish this. The logo can be a large print at the center of the uniform, or you can use the more common method of putting the logo at the top-left, or top-right of the uniform. Using the logo at the top corner of the uniform might appear more ordered and can be ideal for institutions that focus on neatness. However, putting a large print in the middle of your new uniforms is more visible and attention-grabbing which works well for branding and advertising purposes.

How Uniforms Fit When Worn

Choosing the right range of sizes is important as one size fits approach doesn’t work for larger organizations. Some companies use T-shirts as their primary uniform and usually have the problem of the sizes being too small or too large. Ensuring that if the uniforms are being made beforehand and distributed randomly, you order a various range of sizes to accommodate your diverse workforce.

In addition, when you want a uniform that fits neatly and is comfortable to wear, then keep in mind that some materials will blend with the human body better than others.

Most uniform designs usually have guidelines based on the industry that the uniforms are going to be used for, that’s because most industries in Australia due to their experience have worked out the best materials and cost effective way to cater for their uniform needs. When you want to get creative designing your uniforms, you can go against the norm and try something more daring. Here at Uniforms Made Easy, we’ve been providing uniforms for a diverse set of industries at the most competitive rates, simply contact us to get answers for all your uniform requirements.

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